Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Restaurant Review: Chop

Originally my first time to Chop was supposed to be for my birthday but long story short it ended up being just me and my husband.
We went there for dinner, the lights were down, the mood music was on, and the atmosphere was relaxing and calm, just the way I like it!
We got a table in the corner which made it more intimate and personal, which I also love when I go out for dinner.
I had a cerser salad and my husband had a steak. It was the best salad I had had in a long time, and the steak was pretty great too! (and I’m really picky with my steaks).
They didn’t have the drink I wanted on the menu so I explained it to them and they made it for me perfectly (but it did cost me $7 to have my special drink. I think that was a dollar less them my salad!)
On a scale of 1-10 (1- Horrible, it should be closed down!! 10- Amazing, would go back again and again!) I give it “8- Good Service, good food, good pricing, I’d go back if someone really wanted to”

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