Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Doug's Birthday with a Black Forest Trifle

Doug (above) is my father-in-law and we had a little birthday party for him. As usual I made the dessert (as I do for a lot of the family things because I love doing it). I asked him what his favorites were and this was tops on the list. Everyone else brought snacks and we just relaxed and enjoyed each others company.

I didn't use a recipe with this so my measurements are exact but it's a trifle; you can't go that wrong!

Black Forest Trifle:
- 1 9x3 pan of brownies (I just used a box mix but I added chocolate chips)
- 1-2 loafs of chocolate cake (again a box mix)
- 1 tub of whip cream
- 1 box of chocolate pudding
- 1 can of cherry pie filling (I thought I grabbed that but I grabbed strawberry pie filling and to be honest I liked it better!)

Bake the brownie and the chocolate cake and let cool.

Make the pudding and let set

Then start layering to your hearts content!

Note: It would be good to add some chocolate shavings on the top but I didn't have any so brownie pieced played the part
My mother-in-law trying out Marshall's home made wine. It's getting better with each bottle we open! (We've waited about a month between each bottle to test it out)

I finally finished the wine I brought back from Hawaii, yum, I love a good sweet wine!

I'm dishing it all up. Wow, it was tasty, if I didn't have any self control I would have just kept eating it and eating it!

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  1. What a spread! I would love it if you could stop by Heck Fridays tomorrow (Thursday) and post it on our first link party!


    Hope to see you soon!!!


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